Today, we visited Island H2O Live! Water Park in Kissimmee, FL as guests of the park. This was Milo’s first trip to a water park. There were lots of exciting things for him to see, hear, and touch.

The park is located at Sunset Walk adjacent to Margaritaville Resort off 192 (near 429) and is easy to get to from anywhere in the tourist district of Kissimmee and Orlando.

We started the day around noon, as we made our way to the park after Milo’s first nap of the day, to make sure we started on the right foot. We parked in the parking lot ($10 to park) and made our way across the street to the park. Like most theme parks/water parks, there was a security/bag check. We had our tickets in advance, which we recommend doing (they can be purchased here), as the lines for tickets were pretty long.

Upon entering the park, they give you a wristband to wear in the park. With this wristband and downloading the parks app on your smartphone, you can earn points, take selfies, and even pick the music you listen to on each slide!

We scoped out the lay of the land and headed first to the kid-friendly area Pelican Paradise, the classic water park kiddie area with the huge bucket that pummels kids below. Milo only inched into this section sitting along the shoreline playing with his Skip Hop buckets we brought with us.

When he got done playing with his buckets (and daddy got done shooting all the b-roll needed for his video), we headed across the path to the toddler area “Candy Stripe Cove”, where we ended up spending the bulk of the afternoon. They had swings (and if you don’t know about Milo and his swings, click here to see him in action on his swing at home) and different types of water features that Milo had fun exploring. Now, they also had slides and things like that for the slightly older there, but we focused on the small things.

About an hour before the park closed, they closed the toddler area so we decided to head out and go get something to eat right next door at Sunset Walk.

Our Video of Our Day

Things To Know Before you go.

  • Mask are required to enter, but once you enter you are no longer required to wear them
  • Cost: Parking $10, Admission $55 Adults/ $45 Children (Under 3 Free)
  • Pool Floats and Noodles are not allowed but Coast Guard approved Vest are, children under 48 inches are required to wear vest in the pools

Things We Brought

What Milo Wore

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