A Little Information about us!

Camila and Jamey met years ago and it was the love of Disney World that brought them together. Now Married for over 5 years, Camila and Jamey welcomed their baby son Milo to the world in July of 2020. A tough time for most including their family, Jamey and Camila found peace and happiness through their love of this newborn. This website and our social channels were started to spread that love and happiness by seeing joy in one of God’s Creations!

Jamey (aka Dad) is a DJ, with the pandemic in 2020 removing a lot of his gigs, he has been spending the months in quarantine enjoying watching Milo grow up. He has gone back to work and if you are interested in booking him (and putting food in Milo’s tummy) feel free to look him up on his DJ website.

Camila (aka Mom) is a Social Media Manager for a local marketing agency and is bringing her skills here to promote the fun that they have on their off time.

Milo (aka The Star of the Show) was born in July of 2020 during the middle of the Pandemic. In early 2021 he started enjoying the Theme Parks and Attractions around the Kissimmee Area where he lives. Starting with the place that started it all for this family Walt Disney World.

Our Mission

Do you ever see those posts on Social Media of your friends, co-workers, influencers going on all those fun vacations, always seemingly living it up? This page is a spot not only where we can share our adventures, but give you tips on how to enjoy your own adventures during this new era of tourism when traveling with children. We want all our readers to be That Fun Family!